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What is a Geriatric Care Manager?

Geriatric Care Managers are licensed professionals, primarily social workers and nurses, who have the skills to work with frail older people and their families. A Geriatric Care Manger provides education, advocacy, counseling and guidance to seniors and their families, helping them to make decisions about long- and short- term care issues.

As the aging population increases, more and more families are facing difficult decisions about elder care needs. Usually they discover that the options for care are unclear and that there is no one to guide them though the maze of unknown resources, options, and to evaluate the potential costs of care.


Who Needs a Care Manager?

Individuals who are limited in 2-3 activities of daily living (such as cooking, bathing, paying bills) and/or who need substantial supervision due to mental or cognitive problems can benefit from the services of a Geriatric Care Manager. Often families seek the services of a Geriatric Care Manager to obtain an objective opinion about, and an accurate evaluation of, care options and associated costs.

Patty N. Funck, LCSW, C-ASWCM
Professional Geriatric Care Manager
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